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Benjamin Bagel arrives in Armagh

bb-admin January 7, 2012 Blog Comments Off on Benjamin Bagel arrives in Armagh

Hey fellow bagel enthusiasts, and welcome to my new website!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Benjamin.  I was born in Krakow Poland in 1610. In my early life i was seen as a gift to women in childbirth, In the 16th and first half of the 17th centurys, I became a staple of the Polish national diet. (for some reason they called me bajgiel).

In the middle of the 19th century i became a regular in the Brick Lane district area of London, England and they decided that they would call me beigel.

I then moved on to the USA and New York, they love me there! Immigrant Polish-Jews helped me break into the North American market, when i started in New York i worked a lot with Bagel Bakers Local 338, we had contracts with nearly all bagel bakeries in and around the city for its workers, who prepared all the bagels by hand.

1960 is when i really went global, two friends of mine Harry Lender and Florence Sender,  pioneered automated production and distribution of frozen bagels in the early 60s, i am obviously in my prime when I’m homemade like my friends in Armagh ensure, but you gotta cater for all markets right?

Probably the coolest thing i ever experienced was in 2008 when Canadian-born astronaut Gregory Chamitoff took me and some of my friends into space for the first time on his  Space Shuttle mission to the International Space Station. There was 18 of us on board covered in sesame seed.

In 2012 i decided i wanted to spend more time in Europe again, and moved to Northern Ireland i was contacted by  Rodger in Bagel Bean Armagh and offered a job as head of marketing. I convinced Rodger that we needed a website and to get on Facebook, mastering facebook is my next big challenge and dispite being 402 years of age im still growing bigger and bigger.

Like our facebook page to see what we get up to now in 2012.



If you want more detail on my history you can check out my wiki page by clicking here



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