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10th Anniversary


At last, we’re open!

Introducing Bagel Bean to Armagh. I hope people like it! Still so much to do, so much to learn…


What A Successful Year

What a successful year, so much has happened. I can’t believe it went so fast. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and experience over the last year.

Bagel bean 2005

Still here, working away

We’re still here anyway so we must be doing something right. It is super cool to be involved.


Time Flies

The years are flying in now.  Celebrating Christmas again with our lovely staff.

Bagel Bean 2006

New Image, New Change

Bagel Bean gets a new image and still making the best bagels in town. To celebrate a great few years we decided to throw a staff party – it was a success!

Bagel Bean 2008

Big Plans, Big Ideas

Thanks to all our loyal customers who have kept our business up and running. We have big ideas planned for the future.

Bagel Bean 2009

Keeping Fresh

We never sit around!  We have big ambitions . We changed our menu to keep it fresh. We are constantly striving to keep our customers satisfied with the a high quality of food and service.

Bagel Bean 2010

Believe in Something

We are still believing in what we do…

Bagel Bean 2011

Harlem Shake

Staff and customers gathered together to enjoy a great evening filming our very own version of the Harlem Shake.

Bagel Bean 2012

Team Bonding

We work well as a team and decided to do some recreational activities. We had a blast!

Bagel Bean 2013